KNIGHTDALE, N.C.March 5, 2024 — Vets Pets, a North Carolina cooperative network of veterinary hospitals, is proud to announce a significant expansion and rebranding of one of its flagship facilities. Wake Veterinary Hospital & Urgent Care will now be known as Wake Veterinary Medical Center, marking a new chapter in its commitment to providing comprehensive and specialized care for pets in the Triangle. This transformation is highlighted by a 6,000 square-foot addition and the introduction of advanced specialty services.

“Our mission at Wake Vet has always been to offer top-quality full-service animal healthcare at an affordable price,” said George Ghneim, DVM, PhD, Partner at Wake Veterinary Medical Center. “The new Wake Vet embodies our dedication to complete care, ensuring that every pet receives the expertise and attention they deserve, all under one roof.”

The rebranding to Wake Veterinary Medical Center reflects a significant enhancement in the facility’s capabilities, including state-of-the-art medical technology and expanding specialty services such as advanced imaging, internal medicine, and oncology in the future. These advancements support the center’s all-inclusive approach to animal healthcare, from routine check-ups and general practice to emergency surgeries and complex treatments.

Steve Thomas, CEO of Vets Pets, commented, “Wake Vet is much more than a veterinary hospital and urgent care. Our expansion and rebranding as Wake Veterinary Medical Center is a testament to the services we now offer and our continuous effort to serve the community better.”

With 17 in-house veterinarians and an emergency department that operates 24/7, Wake Veterinary Medical Center is equipped to handle any pet healthcare need. The center’s full-service practice ensures that whether it’s a routine visit or an urgent medical situation, pets receive the best possible care without the added stress of navigating multiple facilities. The new building will open on March 7, 2024.

For more information or to schedule an interview with Dr. Ghneim or Vets Pets CEO Steve Thomas, please contact Matt Mumpower by email at or by phone at 252.237.1375.

About Vets Pets

Vets Pets is a cooperative group of small-animal veterinary hospitals all located in North Carolina. Based in Wilson, North Carolina, Vets Pets was created to address the changing needs in the veterinary profession. By providing hands-on operations management, HR support, continued education, advanced technology and resources, it enables veterinarians to focus on medical excellence in a supportive and healthy hospital culture.

Whether veterinarians are looking to join one of their existing practices, launch a new practice, acquire an existing practice or transition out of practice ownership, Vets Pets’ role in the business is flexible. It invests in people, equipment and facilities with the long-term in mind, and works with veterinary partners to match strengths and interests with the right business opportunity. For entrepreneurial veterinary leaders, Vets Pets forms partnerships where it co-owns practices with veterinarians. For more information, visit the Vets Pets website and our Facebook and LinkedIn pages.