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Our Philosophy and Culture

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Commitment to Excellence in Medicine and Service

We expect all our doctors and teams to practice at the highest standards of care and service, treat their colleagues and teams with respect and challenge themselves. The needs and interests of each Vets Pets practice and its community can vary. We encourage autonomy at each hospital to address specific needs of its community and develop interests or strengths of the local team. We uphold these standards by hiring the best veterinarians and staff, and providing them with the training, resources and guidance they need to use their skill-set to best serve patients and clients.

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The Vets Pets People

Our people are our most valuable asset. We focus on creating a positive culture for every team member. Continued education, mentorship, communication, and promotion from within are valued.

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Operational Development

We encourage each Vets Pets hospital to maintain or develop its own personality, but many operational processes are standardized throughout the company. We’ve tested and developed our own best practices. Vets Pets management, Practice leaders and staff work together to improve operational procedures and client service.

What Our Team Members Are Saying

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