General Practice Mentorship

Jumpstart your Veterinary Career

Vets Pets offers new graduate mentorship for those interesting in joining one of our general practices. 


Why Vets Pets

Vets Pets is a growing, privately owned company in North Carolina with locations spanning from the mountains to the coast. We focus on advancing veterinary medicine and the veterinary profession to meet diverse community needs.


North Carolina

North Carolina offers an unmatched quality of life, boasting beautiful beaches, majestic mountains, and a range of other attractions. Consistently ranked among the top places to live in the United States, North Carolina offers various lifestyle options within welcoming communities.


Mentorship Program

We aim to introduce new graduates to the diverse aspects of small animal veterinary medicine in North Carolina. Once hired, new graduates will spend most of their time at their home hospital, but will also rotate through ER shifts and spay-neuter days to ensure a comprehensive and well-rounded experience.



The mentorship experience involves both one-on-one and group interactions with experienced doctors, offering personalized guidance and support. We focus on specific areas of interest to cater to individual learning goals and preferences. The program aims to ease the transition into new roles, helping to build confidence and independence in the veterinary field.


Personalized Training

Each new graduate receives a program tailored to their needs, ensuring a personalized approach to learning and development. With ongoing feedback from mentors at their home hospital, doctors gradually gain autonomy in their roles. Support is available from a diverse group of professionals, fostering a collaborative and inclusive learning environment.



The program offers a generous base salary and a comprehensive benefits package, reflecting our commitment to our new doctors’ well-being and financial security. After six months, you will transition to full-time at your chosen practice.

Hear it from a Former Mentee

"The Vets Pets mentorship program was an excellent transition from vet school into practice. I worked with excellent mentors who were passionate about helping me grow and always took the time to help me when I needed it. Working spay-neuter allowed me to become more comfortable performing common surgeries and prepared for uncommon cases. Working ER gave me invaluable experience working on complicated and unique cases that I wouldn’t have seen normally. Overall, I highly recommend the mentorship for new graduates looking to grow as veterinarians."

Holly Springs Veterinary Hospital

Taking the Next Step

If you’re interested in working with Vets Pets, let’s start a conversation. Let us know how we can help you find your ideal position, and we’ll be in touch with you to schedule a formal introduction.

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