Who We Are

After 30 years of veterinary practice ownership and exemplary medical care, Frank Batten, DVM, founded Vets Pets in 2007 with his son-in-law, Steve Thomas. Vets Pets started with two practices, Nash County Animal Hospital and ECVETS, the first emergency referral service east of the Triangle in North Carolina. A 16-year-young company, Vets Pets started one way and learned a few things along the way. We are:


Edgy and Scrappy

When we started the company, we were underdogs. We had no outside investors (and still don’t) and struggled at times. Although our circumstances have improved, we proudly maintain our tenacious and scrappy nature.

People First

Early on, we learned our people focus set us apart. We prioritize promoting from within and developing those who want more. We encourage authenticity and boldness, valuing a culture where taking risks and courage are the norms.

Personal Touch

Our approach is rooted in a hands-on, personal management style within our geographically focused area. As we expand our practices, we’re committed to scaling our resources and innovation to meet or exceed that growth, always centering on the human element.

Our Mission

Vets Pets is committed to nurturing a
people-centered and family environment
in the veterinary field.

Our foundation is cultivating a positive hospital culture where veterinarians and their teams can thrive professionally while delivering top-notch medical care. We understand that the heart of every practice is its people, so we emphasize personal growth, support, and community engagement through our comprehensive support services.

At the core of our philosophy is the belief that veterinarians can excel in their practice and focus on providing exceptional care with the proper support and resources—ranging from cutting-edge technology to continuous education. Our mission extends to adapting our roles to meet veterinarians’ diverse needs and ambitions. Whether they are joining, establishing, acquiring, or transitioning practices, we tailor our involvement to ensure alignment with their visions and community needs.

Our investment strategy is people-first, always considering the long-term well-being of our staff and the communities we serve. We proactively initiate changes that bolster the capabilities of our practice leaders, from expanding services to enhancing facilities. These changes are not one-size-fits-all; they are tailored to resonate with the unique aspirations of our veterinarians and their teams.

We are excited not by the mere implementation of initiatives but by the opportunity to collaborate with passionate veterinarians and staff. We aim to help them realize their professional dreams and construct thriving businesses that reflect their goals and passions. This approach leads to fulfilling experiences and successful outcomes for everyone involved.

Our Leadership

Dr. Frank Batten, DVM headshot

Frank Batten, DVM


Kendra Pearson, MSHR, SHRM-SCP

Vice President of People

Steve Thomas, President & CEO headshot

Steve Thomas

President & CEO

Blair Myers

Vice President of Finance & Accounting

Paige Harrington, DVM headshot

Paige Harrington, DVM

Vice President of Medical Leadership

Matt Mumpower

Vice President of Marketing & Communications

Shannon Bass

Vice President of Medical Leadership

Our Locations

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