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Rotating Small Animal Internship

Join our experienced team for your first year of ‘real world’ medicine.

Vets Pets is a growing, privately-owned North Carolina company focused on advancing veterinary medicine and the veterinary profession. With locations from the Triangle to the coast, we focus on providing excellent veterinary medicine to our state’s communities and diverse needs.
This non-VIRMP Internship is designed to expose new graduates to the several facets of small animal veterinary medicine.
Experience will include rotations in After-Hours Emergency, 24 Hour Emergency-Critical Care, Specialty Surgery, General Practice, Ultrasound Referral Service, & HVHQ Spay-Neuter.
The main focus will be Emergency Medicine to provide a new graduate with exposure to complicated cases and busy caseloads under the guidance of experienced emergency veterinarians. Gain confidence and independence for a future in either a full-time emergency or a full-time high-quality general practice position.
A base salary will be provided along with a full benefits package. After the first six months, the option to work independently for a production bonus exists for the right candidate.
Vets Pets’ goal is to expose new graduates to a wide range of practice settings and styles so that a new graduate will find the niche in our field that will bring them the most success and fulfillment.

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    Katherine Rouillard, DVM · NCSU-CVM Class of 2018

    “I am so glad I chose the rotating small animal internship with VetsPets; I’ve truly come so far in my
    competency and confidence level as a veterinarian in just a few short months. I get the benefit of
    individualized mentorship in a real-life setting, which cannot be offered by most university internships. I
    work alongside superb veterinarians while taking full responsibility for my cases and following them
    through, whether that means performing procedures or taking the pet to surgery. I’ve also worked in a
    variety of veterinary clinics throughout North Carolina; from rural and urban general practices, the
    spay/neuter clinic, as well as the various referral and emergency hospitals owned by VetsPets. I strongly
    recommend this internship to anyone that wants to become a well-rounded veterinarian in a short period
    of time, all while working for a company that is an advocate for both your education and well-being.”

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