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Vets Pets provides entrepreneurial veterinarians with partnership opportunities for practice ownership, offering comprehensive support in leadership, operations, technology, finance, marketing, and more.

Looking to Become an Owner?

We partner with veterinarians giving hospital ownership and equity back to those practicing medicine. We provide opportunity through growth in medicine, leadership, and ownership. We invest in people, equipment, and facilities with the long-term in mind and work with our veterinary partners to match strengths and interests with the right business opportunity.

Looking to Sell Your Practice?

Our timing, approach, and transitions are all very flexible. We partner with the next generation of veterinary owners to make sure your legacy and clients are taken care of. We value transparency and hope to receive the same from you. If you are interested in exploring options, let’s have a conversation.

We’re Looking for the Next Generation of  Veterinary Leaders

What We Do Best

Leadership & Mentorship:

Service expansion, operational efficiency, relationship management, goal setting, financial and performance goal achievement, and issue resolution.


Veterinarian recruiting, staff recruiting, talent acquisition strategies, effective hiring processes, school outreach, and more.

Human Resources

Payroll, recruiting, employee relations, insurance administration, training, and regulatory compliance.

Training & Development

Online and in-practice training programs, skill enhancement, career growth opportunities, and more.

Operations Management

Oversight, communication, and collaboration between Vets Pets and practice leaders.

Information Technology

Software management, vendor relationship management, and communication platform resources.


Inventory management, competitive pricing for medical supplies, and vendor relationship maintenance.


Daily processing policies, financial statement preparation, expense management, tax oversight, and annual audits.


Performance reporting, production calculation, cash management, budgeting, and lender relations.


Website development, ad buying, event support, client acquisition, reminder systems, and pricing strategy.


Maintenance, construction, renovation, and site development.


Frequently asked questions


I'm interested in partnership, do you only acquire new hospitals?

We aim to find the right opportunity based on your goals and interests. Typically we look at acquisitions and new builds. 

I'm not sure about sharing a piece of the ownership. Why would I choose to partner with you?

Managing a veterinary practice can be challenging, especially when balancing the intricacies of recruiting, finance, operations, accounting, and marketing with your passion for veterinary medicine. We aim not to pressure you into a partnership but to offer you support and a community. We provide various levels of assistance and access to a network of partner owners for collaboration. This approach is designed to help you find more time to focus on what you love most – caring for animals.

What types of hospitals do you typically partner with?

We partner with small animal hospitals, encompassing primary care, emergency care, and specialty/referral services.

Where are your current practice locations?

We’re open to practices throughout North Carolina and surrounding areas. Our aim is grow but not at the expense of the regional support we offer.

Do you dictate which services, software, and equipment?

Our goal is to provide resources in areas such as HR, Recruiting, Marketing, and Finance, allowing you to concentrate on medical practice. We offer recommendations based on our experiences and what has proven successful in other hospitals, including insights on the number of procedures needed to justify a new piece of equipment. However, we do not impose any directives.


I'm interested in a partnership but don't want to sell my entire business. Is that possible?

Yes, our support model will give you the bandwidth to focus on medicine and leadership. We’re flexible and can tailor a partnership plan that fits your specific needs.

I'm interested in a selling my practice but I don't want to keep working. Is that possible?

We’re flexible and can tailor a partnership plan that fits your needs. Typically, we like to find a new partner to purchase your practice. That can be an existing associate in your practice, a veterinarian Vets Pets brings to the table, or another veterinarian.

What types of hospitals do you typically partner with?

We partner with small animal hospitals, encompassing primary care, emergency care, and specialty/referral services.

How is the value of my hospital assessed?

We conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your practice, considering your years of hard work and the team you’ve built. This detailed valuation aims to understand your business’s unique aspects, focusing on your objectives.

What will happen to my existing staff?

We value your team’s role in your hospital’s success and plan to integrate them as key members of our team, ensuring their contributions continue. Staff is able to enjoy the support system and benefits our group offers. 

Do you rebrand the hospitals you partner with?

We respect the legacy of your hospital and its role in the community. We aim to maintain and enhance your hospital’s reputation and brand identity.

Is there a minimum size for practices you consider acquiring?

We’re open to practices of various sizes starting with practices with a single veterinarian. 

"I love the support. Whether it’s helping with coverage, collaborating on business challenges, or handling a difficult medical case, they are always there to provide support."

"Vets Pets encourages professional growth and individuality. As a mom of two young children, I always appreciate how they always support my work-life balance."

"I have thoroughly enjoyed our partnership with Vets Pets. It has allowed us to steadily grow our location while focusing on patient care and team development instead of being weighed down by the constant array of passionate management needs faced by a busy small animal practice. I am proud to be part of such a committed veterinary management team."

"I feel very fortunate to have partnered with Vets Pets. I always feel supported with this great group."

Taking the Next Step

Interested in working with Vets Pets? Whether you’re looking to join, sell, partner with, or start a new veterinary practice, let’s talk! Tell us your ideal partnership, and we’ll schedule a formal introduction.

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