WILSON, N.C.February 7, 2024 — Vets Pets, a North Carolina cooperative network of veterinary hospitals, launches its innovative pharmacy initiative by hiring Natalie Young, PharmD, BCSCP, as the Director of Clinical Pharmacy Services. The pharmacy’s overarching goal is to offer dedicated and collaborative pharmacology resources to Vets Pets 100+ Veterinarians, allowing them to enhance pharmacy-related patient care and client service.

“I am thrilled to join Vets Pets,” commented Dr. Young, “I already have a great relationship with so many of the Vets Pets team and psyched to now work side-by-side with them.”

In addition to offering expert resources to the medical team, the pharmacy also intends to improve medication operations, including sourcing, procurement, technology, and efficiency. Client service opportunities will also be one of the pharmacy’s core focuses, with several projects already in development.

“We have been strategizing on this concept for a long time. I am pumped to finally go for it with an amazing colleague we’ve respected for years. This one hits a lot of the Vets Pets culture count with People First in Dr. Young, a massive opportunity to improve medicine and service for our clients and our teams and a sustainable business case.” said Steve Thomas, CEO of Vets Pets. “Everyone is always looking for win3 and the Pharmacy initiative is a great example of just that.”

The rollout is scheduled to take place over the next 12-18 months to significantly impact the veterinary profession.

For more information or to schedule an interview with Dr. Young or Vets Pets CEO Steve Thomas, please contact Matt Mumpower by email at mattmumpower@thevetspets.com or by phone at 252.237.1375.

About Vets Pets

Vets Pets is a cooperative group of small-animal veterinary hospitals located in North Carolina. Based in Wilson, North Carolina, Vets Pets was created in 2007 to address the changing needs in the veterinary profession. By providing hands-on operations management, strategy, financing, HR support, continued education, advanced technology and other resources, it enables veterinarians to focus on medical excellence in a supportive and healthy hospital culture.

Whether veterinarians are looking to join an existing practices, launch a new practice, acquire an existing practice or transition out of practice ownership, Vets Pets’ role in the business is flexible. It invests in people, equipment and facilities for the long-term, and works with veterinary partners to match strengths and interests with the right business opportunity. For entrepreneurial veterinary leaders, Vets Pets forms partnerships where it co-owns practices with veterinarians. For more information, visit the Vets Pets website and our Facebook and LinkedIn pages.