Vets Pets,

The veterinary profession offers both challenges and rewards. It’s crucial to pause regularly and acknowledge the positive experiences within your hospitals. We will start sharing a review each week from around the company. If you have a review you’d like to share, please email

This week’s review acknowledges the Eastern Shore Animal Hospital team. Well done!

While my dog Screwdriver was at a sitter, he started having severe problems with his vision. He was 16 and having multiple problems with things that come with age. I picked him up and struggled to figure out what to do. I have never used urgent care or emergency vet services before, and I really wanted to go to my normal vet, but they could not take him in so quickly.

At 10:00 at night I submitted an online appoint request form where they ask for detail and pictures of the symptoms and at 7:55 the next morning they called and said they could see him at 2:00 that day. They were able to call my normal vet and get his documents sent over and everything. They gave him a thorough assessment and walked me through the medication and treatment I would need to help his eyes. Unfortunately, I had to put my boy down a week later, but the care they provided allowed him to live his last few days in comfort. Thank you so much! I am so grateful my friends recommend you guys to me!!