Vets Pets,

The veterinary profession offers both challenges and rewards. It’s crucial to pause regularly and acknowledge the positive experiences within your hospitals. We will start sharing a review each week from around the company. If you have a review you’d like to share, please email

This week’s review acknowledges the Rolesville Veterinary Hospital team. Well done!

The love and compassion our animals receive from Rolesville Veterinary Hospital are impossible to beat! They have saved one of my cats that was not supposed to make it. They have been consistently taking care of one of my other dogs for the past several months. She was coming in every other day for the longest time. Then they admitted her for a week, and she healed right up!

I have Trupanion Pet Insurance and they pay Rolesville Vet Hospital directly!!!! That is something that almost zero Vet Hospitals offer!

In addition to my pets, the front desk ladies are Phenomenal!!!! I have 6 kids and they are ALWAYS prepared with surprises for my children when we go. They feel like family when we are there, and to me, that’s a big deal!

I know My pets are well cared for and loved with being taken care of by Rolesville Veterinary hospital! If you have not already then you should give them a try!

Holly R.