Vets Pets,

The veterinary profession offers both challenges and rewards. It’s crucial to pause regularly and acknowledge the positive experiences within your hospitals. We will start sharing a review each week from around the company. If you have a review you’d like to share, please email

This week’s review acknowledges Dr. Kathryn Kammerer and the Healing Paws Veterinary Hospital team. Well done!

We recently relocated from Upstate NY to the Hillsborough area and have been looking to establish our ‘fur crew’ with a local practice. Ironically, over the last 4.5 weeks, several of our colleagues and new neighbors highly recommended HP’s, and now we know why. The care truly is phenomenal, and everyone is so pleasant. And added ‘Bonus Points’: The office was very clean, and the various artwork throughout is just perfect!

We were in the office yesterday with both of our dogs (our 2.5-year-old male yellow lab named ‘Duke and his 4-month-old little sister who is a Golden Doodle named Maple-Mae! Our appointment went very well; we saw Dr. Kat for both dogs’ appointments (which was great because I love the idea of trying to keep the same provider for routine visits just for ‘continuity of care.’

I was so impressed that Dr. Kat started the visit by taking the first few minutes of the appointment time to not only introduce herself to me but she then literally get on the floor and play with both pups for a bit before doing their full assessments and required vaccines, etc. I think her ‘method’ clearly worked well, as both dogs seemed to trust her, and Duke didn’t display any s/s of being anxious or anything, which was great to see! After she took time to play with both pups, we discussed our goals of care, and she answered some questions for me.

We absolutely loved our initial visit to Healing Paws, and we will definitely be returning! Thanks again for everything! You truly have established such a wonderful practice that is ‘the full package deal’ and a ‘one-stop shop,’ which will work perfectly with our hectic schedules. Thanks again for treating our babies as if they were your own.

– Mary C.