Vets Pets,

The veterinary profession offers both challenges and rewards. It’s crucial to pause regularly and acknowledge the positive experiences within your hospitals. We will start sharing a review each week from around the company. If you have a review you’d like to share, please email

The first review acknowledges Dr. Khushboo Dass and the Oak Heart Veterinary Hospital at Dixie Trail team. Well done!

I’m writing to express my gratitude to Dr. Khushboo Dass and the whole team at the Dixie Trail hospital. 

My cat, Nina Simone, was diagnosed with diabetes in July 2023. She passed last week in February 2024 after we discovered cancer. During the last 8 months, Dr. Dass has been nothing short of amazing in providing care, thoughtful attention, detailed diagnoses, and kindness and she helped me navigate the logistics of nursing a diabetic cat while also showing me true consideration and compassion in balancing real life concerns around time, finances, and my own emotional labor in the process. 

When Nina was first diagnosed, the staff asked me to email Dr. Dass when we began insulin treatments and put a glucose monitor on Nina. I had seen a different vet who was visiting and I had not met Dr. Dass yet, but she jumped right in with interpreting the glucose numbers and making recommendations for how to proceed. Over the course of many months she worked through several different tests and diagnostics to assess the best treatment plan and underlying causes for why the insulin wasn’t helping, and provided thoughtful guidance as we adjusted doses and identified best next steps. 

I sent countless emails with detailed updates about patterns and changes to her eating, drinking, and urination habits as well as records of her glucose numbers. I always felt attended to and supported by Dr. Dass, who responded to all of my emails and called occasionally to check on Nina between office visits. 

Last week, Nina stopped eating and started hiding, and when I brought her in, Dr. Dass did some x-rays and found cancer. We made the hard decision to euthanize at 3 PM on a Friday, and the sedation process did not go well. Even though it was 5:30 PM on a Friday when she finally passed, Dr. Dass was there with me asking what she was like as a kitten, giving me all the time I needed to grieve, and opening her heart to make sure I didn’t feel rushed or like an inconvenience. Throughout the months of care and especially on my cat’s last day, the whole staff overextended themselves to make sure I was OK and that Nina was as comfortable as possible. 

For all this and more, I wanted to express my gratitude to all your staff and to Dr. Dass in particular. Vicki and Rhonda were always caring, friendly, and helpful at the front desk. Colleen and Ashley were fantastic with applying glucose monitors and being particularly tender with my cat. There were many more whose names I don’t know but who helped with months of care and helped ease the challenges of the end. My cat was my companion for 13 years and the house is very empty now, but I am very thankful as I know she was well cared for throughout her time at Oak Heart.

Thanks for letting me share these experiences with you. I will highly recommend your hospital and Dr. Dass to everyone I know. 


Shannon M.