Hospital Staff

Room Assistant Job Duties

  • Room Assistant Job Duties
    • Follow opening procedures for hospital
  • Morning treatments and opening rooms
  • Cleaning hospital
    • Cleaning kennels/runs, exam rooms, treatment area and surgery room
    • Vacuum and mopping floors
  • Care of boarding/hospitalized patients
    • Feed patients
    • Walk dogs
    • Change litter boxes
    • Give oral medications
    • Give pre-dosed IV medications though IV line
    • Apply ear and eye medications
  • Restock exam rooms and treatment area as needed
  • Load patients into rooms
    • Get appropriate patient info
    • Assist doctor with room as needed
    • Get eye pressure and blood pressure as needed for appointments
    • Invoice appointments
  • Admit hospitalized patients
    • Make and give estimate to client
  • Admit drop-off patients
    • Get appropriate patient info and client contact info
  • Daily call backs to clients
  • Restrain patients
  • Assist in taking of radiographs
  • Lab work
    • Set up and read fecal floats
    • Run SNAP 4DX and Feline Triple tests
    • Set up ear cytology
    • Print lab forms and package samples to be sent out
  • Pull up vaccines for appointments
    • May give vaccines (with the exception of rabies) for technician appointments
  • Use cold laser on patients
  • Draw blood from cephalic vein in dogs and saphenous vein in cats
  • Set up supplies for IV catheter placement
  • Set up fluids and line for hospitalized patient
  • Do nail trims and anal gland expression on patients
    • Does not include bird nail trims
  • Fill prescriptions as directed by a doctor
  • Clean surgery instruments
  • Wrap surgery gowns, packs and individual items for sterilization
  • Remove post-op sutures and drains as directed by a doctor or RVT
  • Answer phones and make appointments
  • Other tasks as directed by doctor, RVT or manager

Room assistants are only to perform the duties on this list that they have been approved for by the hospital manager.

Any duties specifically listed under Veterinary Assistant or Technician Assistant should not be performed by a Room Assistant unless directed by a doctor, RVT or manager. These duties include: IV catheter placement, jugular blood draws, taking radiographs, Proheart injections, IM injections, handling controlled drugs and reading an ear cytology.

Contact the hospital manager with any questions regarding the job descriptions.

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Veterinary Hospital Receptionist Job Duties & Responsibilities

The Veterinary Receptionist’s primary duty is interacting with clients and coordinating communication between doctors, techs/assistants, and the clients.

  • Provide excellent customer service
  • Being attentive to the clients and the needs of their pets.
  • Identify and work compassionately with clients in various emotional states.
  • Work patiently with distressed, frustrated, and disgruntled clients.
  • Answer and triage phone calls from clients.
  • Schedule appointments and schedule procedures.
  • Check-in and Check-out clients.
  • Managing record requests between other hospitals and specialty practices.
    Client Education.
  • Assist in cleaning the hospital including but not limited to : keeping reception desk area and lobby clean and sanitary, taking out the trash and recycling, cleaning floors, and bathrooms.
  • Process payment transactions.
  • Maintain proper documentation in the electronic medical record.
  • Relay appropriate information to/from clients to doctors and/or management.
  • Computer skills: Able to use Windows based computer systems, word processing, email, web search and other skills needed to effectively use the practice management software program.

Receptionists must possess good critical thinking and problem solving skills, compassion, and positive attitude, follow through and excellent communication and teamwork skills. Multi-tasking and accepting constructive criticism is essential. Punctuality is a must.

This job description does not necessarily cover every task or duty that might be assigned. There may be additional responsibilities assigned as necessary.

If you have questions or concerns about this job description, contact the Practice Manager.

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