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Emergency Veterinarian

Vets Pets, a North Carolina veterinary hospital network, invites you to join its emergency-critical care service. Our growing team is passionate about patient care and team collaboration.

The network has over 20 veterinary hospitals throughout North Carolina, including General Practices, Emergency and Specialty Hospitals, HVHQ spay/neuter clinics, and pet resorts. We have multiple hospitals now open 24/7 for emergencies all experiencing amazing growth.

Vets Pets has a dedicated staff able to focus on the shift while having fun along the way. With IDEXX blood analyzers, Instinct Software, DR, Oncura Partners ultrasound, blood products + an established blood donor program, and a Snyder O2 unit all housed in many of our hospitals, Vets Pets allows you to manage complicated cases. The DVM family is a nice blend of 15+ year ER clinicians + recent graduates with respect and support of each other’s practice styles. The relationship with the referring community is strong and collaborative medicine is the mainstay.

What is Vets Pets

Vets Pets is a privately owned, North Carolina based cooperative of hospitals. Vets Pets fosters practice individuality under the guidance of experienced management and high standards. From two practices in 2007, Vets Pets has grown with locations across Central and Eastern NC. Vets Pets provides quality veterinary care with an employee-centered management approach. We invest time and resources into staff development and team building creating environments where patients and clients are treated with respect and compassion. Encouraging autonomy within each location, Vets Pets recruits enthusiastic veterinarians empowering them to use their skill set to serve the needs of their patients and clients. Several veterinarians have partnered with Vets Pets allowing individual hospitals to be led by an invested doctor. We listen. We collaborate. We develop. We support. Visit us at to learn more.

Why North Carolina

North Carolina offers an unmatched quality of life. From our beautiful beaches and majestic mountains to everything in between, it’s no wonder that our areas are consistently ranked in the top places to live in the United States. North Carolina also has an interest in and resources for specialty veterinary care. Our locations provide you with various lifestyle options while working within a grateful, welcoming community.

Why Vets Pets

We offer a competitive base salary + benefits, production bonus, a generous signing bonus, and partnership potential in Vets Pets clinics for those interested. We have doctors and team members who testify that we manage from the heart. Whether it be with case management, team support, or client services, we strive to do the good and right thing every day. The Vets Pets team exemplifies this and has created an invaluable service in a community grateful for the care and support of the future. Vets Pets revolves around a team-focused approach and relationships with the referral community is of utmost importance.

Come join us as we enjoy practicing quality medicine with folks who appreciate emergency and specialty services!

Please contact Dr. Paige Harrington, Vets Pets Medical Director of Emergency and Specialty Service, at to discuss how this opportunity will work for you.

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