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Emergency Veterinarian – Shape Your Career

Seeking Emergency Clinicians with Various Career & Personal Goals

Privately owned, NC based Vets Pets is growing its emergency medicine team:

Vets Pets is a cooperative of NC veterinary hospitals flexible in its management style, allowing teams to fit into their communities. This has created trust and collaboration between humans for the benefit of animals.

In this cooperative are five emergency-focused veterinary hospitals, each functioning a bit differently – one is 24/7 ER/specialty only, one is after-hours slated to go 24/7, two are GP + ER, and one is after-hours only. It is a fun bunch, and all are enjoying rapid growth while managing the pressure and stress of that as they go.

We have tenured doctors who are founding members of these busy facilities very proud of their long hours and dedication to create respected hospitals. We have new ER doctors spreading their infectious joy and passion for veterinary medicine. We have specialists that respect their emergency teams and the collaboration it brings to case management.

The cool part is everyone is so different, and all have schedules that fit into who they are to achieve personal and professional goals at the same time.  

The other cool part is that all our locations allow you to live in areas that suit you. Whether it be a downtown apartment, a suburban cul-de-sac, or a hobby farm with acreage, you can work and live in areas with great options and a manageable cost of living.

What are your goals? Being with a group that you can express those goals and make them happen will keep you in clinical medicine and liking your work.  That’s Vets Pets!

  • Looking for a work-life balance? We offer full-time positions with only 10 shifts per month.
  • Love ER but can’t do overnights anymore? We got that for you with full-day and swing shifts.
  • Love all of small animal medicine? Positions mixing GP, ER and even spay-neuter can be created around you.
  • Do you like relief work because the diversity of teams is fun for you, but also want security and full benefits? We can create a position around our different locations, shaking it up for you but keep it stable too!
  • Want to be an owner? We are partnering with veterinarians giving hospital ownership and equity back to those practicing medicine.
  • Want to learn and continue to grow? We have four emergency/specialty sister hospitals collaborating with family-like support.
  • Want financial growth? We offer relocation/sign-on bonuses, 25% production-based compensation, and much more. Be honest, and we can see how we can make things work for you.

Come join us as we enjoy practicing quality medicine with folks who appreciate emergency and specialty services!

Please contact Dr. Paige Harrington, Vets Pets Medical Director of Emergency and Specialty Service, at to discuss how we can shape an opportunity around you.

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