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Dr. George Ghneim | Oak Heart Veterinary Hospital | Wake Veterinary Hospital & Urgent Care | Vets Pets Partner

The things I’ve been able to do with Vets Pets have just been amazing. I became a partner at Wake Veterinary Hospital & Urgent Care at the end of 2017. Since then, we’ve opened up 3 Oak Heart Veterinary Hospitals in partnership.

This is not something I would have been able to do by myself in any way, but together, we’ve been successful in opening up these hospitals.

My name is George Ghneim, I’m a Veterinarian and PhD in Infectious Disease Ecology and I’m a Vets Pets partner.

Being a partner with Vets Pets has been extremely rewarding. Besides the fact we’ve been very successful, I think Vet Pets has really developed a good model.

They know how to recognize the strengths of their partners. They know how to help their partners with their weaknesses, and have really developed a good structure for supporting their partners in every way.

For me personally, it’s been amazing because it really allowed me to grow and make my dreams come true. I would not have been to do what I’ve done without Vets Pets, but with their support, we’ve created a new brand in Raleigh that is being recognized.

As a Veterinarian and an Entrepreneur, for me partnership was the only way to go at this point in my career. It is something that I desired. If I wasn’t able to become a partner eventually I was going to open up a hospital by myself and I manage hospitals so I know I’m capable of doing it.

But I would say becoming a partner with Vets Pets allowed me to excel with things I wanted to do and have support with things that are not as desirable such as accounting or HR. It’s really the ideal marriage of Veterinary medicine and entrepreneurship with a centralized support team.

Discover all the amazing things you can accomplish with the help of an experienced partner. Whether you are looking to join one of our existing practices, launch a new practice, or acquire an existing practice, our role in the business is flexible. We invest in people, equipment and facilities with the long-term in mind and work with our veterinary partners to match strengths and interests with the right business opportunity.

What we can do together:

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Taking the Next Step

If you’re interested in working with Vets Pets, let’s start a conversation. We enjoy speaking with veterinarians who are interested in joining an existing practice, selling their practice, entering a practice partnership / co-ownership opportunity or starting a completely new practice.

Let us know how we can help you create your ideal partnership and we’ll be in touch with you to schedule a formal introduction.

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