Vets Pets was founded in 2007 by Dr. Frank Batten, DVM and Steve Thomas. The organization started with two veterinary hospitals founded by Dr. Batten and expanded through hospital purchases, start-ups and expansions. Vets Pets was created to address changing needs in the veterinary industry. Surveys show more veterinarians today are interested in focusing on medical excellence and less interested in managing and owning a business.

Veterinary practices are still primarily comprised of independently owned practitioners who will need to transition management and ownership responsibilities. Our objective is to help transition these hospitals to the new generation of veterinarians and continually improve medical and operational standards.

Steve and Buddy


We do not standardize medicine at our different locations and encourage autonomy for the doctors at each of our practices. We strive to hire the best veterinarians and empower them to use their skill-set to best serve their patients and clients. Our only requirement is a high standard of care and enthusiasm for patient care and client service.


Although we encourage each hospital to develop and maintain its own personality, we do find some standardization beneficial. Much of our standard operating procedures were derived from “best practices” developed from within individual practices and then shared among others. Vets Pets management, Practice Managers and staff work together to create standard procedures and improve how we operate.